The Importance of Band Saw Maintenance

Your band saw is a machine that needs maintenance, just like your car. If not maintained properly, the machine can break down and will not give you the kind of performance you had when you bought it. Preventive/preliminary band saw maintenance can decrease cost, stress and increase productivity.
In addition, preliminary maintenance increases band saw blade life. A well-maintained machine helps in making quality, efficient cuts and it will increase the safety of workers.
Let us see why it is so important to maintain your Band saw:

• Band saw blade life can be decreased due to worn out blade guides. This may lead to the breakage of the Band saw. While it may cost you a lot buying more blades, not doing so can cause potential danger. The space within the guides also needs to be maintained. Due to friction, the space may widen running you the risk of blades moving out of place. Also there are higher chances of the blade being broken in the cutting process.
• Chip brushes, although small, play a very important role in maintaining blade life as well as other components. Although chip brush is many times overlooked due to its small size, you can save a lot by maintaining this part.
• To avoid blades getting too hot, cutting fluids must be applied while cutting the material. It helps in keeping the teeth cool and prevents chips from getting stuck. It also helps in the removal of chips from gullets and prevents harm to the band saw blade.
• Just like your car, the fluid levels of your band saw needs to be maintained or internal damage can happen. Filter and hydraulic oil also needs to be changed periodically for smooth running of your saw.
• The alignment of the band wheel is very important, if not aligned properly you will not get the desired finished product and can cause premature failure of the blade.

Band saw maintenance prevents the need to replace blades unnecessarily, enhances the performance, and increases the life of your machine. So, contact us today to set up a Free Preventive Maintenance Check-up for your band saw machine, where our service technician will inspect your machine based on a 40-point checklist. Or, if something has gone wrong and your machine no longer works like it should, give us a call or fill out our Contact Form to get in contact with one of our reps, who will schedule an appointment for you.

To Healthy Machines and Long Blade Life,