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Wayco offers a selection of High-Quality, custom welded-to-length band saw blades from some of the best manufacturers both from the U.S. and from Germany. See below for our selection of Simonds High Quality U.S. made band saw blades and our High Quality German blades by Eberle.


We make custom welded-to-length band saw blades according to your specifications.
If you need a type of blade that you don’t see here, please give us a call at 800-990-0559 or contact us through the “Get a Custom Quote” Link

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M42 – duoflex M 42

For universal use.
Bimetal Band Saw Blade with Cobalt.
This high-performance saw band is especially suitable for serial cutting of all types of metals. The teeth are made of alloyed high speed steel with 8% cobalt and 10% molybdenum.

M51 – duoflex M 51

For low machinable materials.
Our top-level blade is designed for use in heavy duty cutting applications. The cutting performance of the high speed steel teeth is greatly increased through alloying with 10% cobalt and 10% tungsten. These alloying elements substantially increase heat resistance as well as fatigue resistance.

SP – duoflex SP

Special toothing for high-alloyed materials.
The optimized tooth geometry and the specially-developed backing material guarantee an extremely long service life with consistently reliable precision. With the newly-developed duoflex SP the cutting of high alloyed materials and exotic alloys, such as CrNi, Hastelloy, Monel or Nimonic, becomes even more cost-effective.

PT – duoflex PT

Designed for tubing, sections and bundle cutting.
The special tooth geometry and setting allow extremely low-vibration, precise cutting of tubing and sections. Tooth chipping and misalignment, which tend to occur with intermittent cutting, are reduced to minimum with duoflex PT.

CT4000 – CT-flex 4000

Carbide tipped band saw blade for high-alloyed materials.
High cutting speed, outstanding surface finish quality and long operating life with the most quiet operation possible – the results of an innovative and forward-looking development program. EBERLE »HCP« handles hard-to-cut and high-alloy materials with a low cost-per-cut.



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