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Arbor Presses

arbor presses are offered in a wider range of tonnage and sizes than anybody else in the industry. We manufacture 18 different arbor presses in standard single leverage, ratchet-type single leverage, and compound leverage models.

For strength and durability, all frames are cast of heavy reinforced steel and incorporate a flanged spline design that adds rigidity to the press body. Arbor press bases are machined for maximum stability and drilled to permit bench or pedestal mounting.

Hardened steel, precision-ground rams use a unique square design to provide larger bearing surface and ensure longer life than round rams.

Dake Arbor Press Features
Compound Leverage Arbor Press
  • Five single leverage models in 1 to 3 ton capacities
  • Six ratchet models in 3 to 5 ton capacities
  • Six compound leverage models in 6 to 15 ton capacities
  • Heavy-duty cast iron frame for strength and rigidity
  • Case hardened ram and spindle with large bearing surfaces
  • Machined table surfaces for accurate work support
  • Table models are bench drilled for bolting to a bench or pedestal

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Other Presses From Dake

Dake Air-Operated Bench Presses

Air-operated bench presses offer economy and efficiency for light industrial work. Heavy-duty cast iron frames ensure precision work by minimizing frame deflection. High quality pistons and cylinders ensure optimum performance and long life. Dake offers three models of air-operated bench presses in 400 to 2000 lb. capacities.

Air-Operated Bench Press

Dake Laboratory Presses

Laboratory presses are available in five models, for compression molding, laminating, testing, and more.

Laboratory Press


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Dake Press


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