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The M. K. Morse Company is a manufacturer of perishable cutting tools, including band saw and reciprocating saw blades, hand hacksaw blades, hole saws and abrasives. Established in 1962 in Canton, Ohio, this family-owned- and-operated company blends common sense ideas with today’s advancing technologies to manufacture and deliver a full range of quality products.


A high priority has been placed on quality control and process improvement to continually improve product quality. SPC (Statistical Process Control) techniques and charting are routinely used throughout the manufacturing areas. A formal gauge calibration/control program ensures accuracy of production measurement. Production employees have been provided with proper inspection tools, such as stereo microscopes and optical comparators placed in strategic areas for optimum close inspection of critical characteristics. New, state-of-the-art machinery and technology are continually being added to improve both quality and efficiency.


Through the years, The M. K. Morse Company has been able to grow and prosper due to its commitment to its customers. An unsurpassed level of customer service is extended to the customer from every level of the company. The efforts of Manufacturing, Office, In-House Technical Department personnel and Band Saw Field Service Technicians all work toward common goals. These goals are the supplying of quality products, with reliable deliveries and courteous service.


Morse’s efforts have resulted in a superior level of customer acceptance and satisfaction. Its phenomenal sales growth has led to several plant expansions in recent years, the latest being a 100,000+ square foot addition.


This additional space has allowed for greater manufacturing efficiencies for the rapidly growing bi-metal and carbon band saw and portable band saw blade business. In an effort to assist end-users in achieving the maximum potential from their band saw machine and blades, a comprehensive reference manual has been developed by The M. K. Morse Company. This manual offers insights into tooth, speed and blade selection guides, a blade operator guide, problem solving tips and techniques. The M. K. Morse Company also offers the services of several Band Saw Field Service Technicians who are available to work with end-users at their facilities to improve their cutting applications.


With continued improvements to The Real McCoy®, the original, patented bi-metal hole saw with the built-in arbor, The M. K. Morse Company offers a hole saw that the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) and professional markets have long recognized as an industry leader. The Real McCoy offers distinct price, convenience and performance advantages not to be found anywhere else.


Superior quality products and courteous service are just part of the reasons for customers to rely on The M. K. Morse Company. Reliable and prompt deliveries are generated from the fully computerized order entry system that allows for prompt order turnaround. Standard Morse products are shipped within a day or two of receiving the customer’s order and even faster for emergency orders.


Superior Quality Products, Efficient and Prompt Deliveries, Courteous Service Supported by Knowledgeable Personnel, and Flexibility are just some of the reasons that distributors, retailers and end-users have come to rely on The M. K. Morse Company.

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