All About the HYDMECH S20A Band Saw

A machine like a bandsaw can give you a lot of freedom to develop and build something. It is important for you to buy a bandsaw from a genuine source so that you get the best results at a great price. HYDMECH band saws have been providing the best cost per cut in the industry.
HYDMECH came up with S-Series saws that set new standards for sawing. These band saws were the first in the industry offering swing-head technology.
HYDMECH band saws are designed specifically for use at oil refineries, machine shops, trailer manufacturers, fabrication shops, automotive shops, etc. The great thing about these band saws is that they are miter cutting, versatile and have a scissor like style.
These models are available in semi-automatic, fully automatic, and manual mode. They have mitering capability of 60 degrees.

HYDMECH manufactures the following scissor style band saws under the S-series:

1. S-20 Manual Scissor Style Band Saw
2. S-20P Semi-Automatic Scissor Style Band Saw
3. S-20A Automatic Scissor Style Band Saw
4. S-23P Semi-Automatic Scissor Style Band Saw
5. S-23A Automatic Scissor Style Band Saw

All the above models have a swing head design and are perfect for miter cutting for light to medium duty work. The S-20A band saw has standard NC control with a number of cutting programs, storage up to 99 jobs and PLC memory to run 100 jobs in queue. Both manual and automatic operations are possible on this machine.
The S-20A is ideal to use in tight spaces. It is very versatile and comes with an automatic scissor style band saw. It features 13”H x18”W capacity at 90 degrees, 1 inch band saw blade & 3 horsepower motors.
HYDMECH has been in the market for the past three and a half decades, is based in Canada (where all of their saws are made – aka: not from overseas!), and is one of the best band saw providers you’ll find. The S-20A is one of their latest innovations and is the top in its class. With it’s smooth cutting and other great features, you’ll love to get your hands on it! Don’t think twice, make the investment and get the S-20A HYDMECH band saw it’s worth it. Click Here to request a quote for your new HYDMECH band saw machine. Or call us at 1-800-990-0559 (M-F 8:00am-4:30pm PST) to get a free quote.

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HYDMECH S20A Automatic Mitering Band Saw. Top Quality. Made in Canada