We have Band Saw Blades made by U.S. Manufacturers, SIMONDS and M.K. MORSE, and German Manufacturer, EBERLE.



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We have Bandsaw Machines and Bandsaw blades, made by SIMONDS, MK MORSE, and EBERLE the best manufacturers from the U.S. and Germany, to fit your custom specifications. Other products we have include Cold Saw Blades, Abrasive products by brands such as: FlexOvit, United Abrasives/SAIT, CS Unitec, and Kalamazoo, Industrial Clamps by DE-STA-CO clamps, and Lubricants and coolants for just about any industrial or metalworking application. Our bandsaws and bandsaw blades are the best for your application including in Aerospace industries, Machine Shop applications, Fabricators, job shops, and production metal cutting.

Order your bandsaws, bandsaw blades, abrasives, coolants, and other industrial products from Wayco and rest assured that you will be getting the very best quality that has been trusted by successful companies for over 40 years! Order yours today by visiting our Online Store, by calling us at 800-990-0559, or by filling out the Quote Request form.

Blade, Abrasives, Clamps, Parts, and Service

Our selection of products ranging from our blades and clamps to our abrasives and machine parts are all from high quality manufacturers, who only produce the best products for you. When you buy a high quality blade or part, it is an investment in your company’s production, because that item will last longer and give better performance than a cheaper alternative. This means that you are getting a much better deal.

Lower cost per cut

One of, if not the best, metrics to use is called “cost per cut” which essentially takes all of the costs associated with cutting a material and then divides them by the amount of cuts you get from a certain blade. This versatile formula can includes things such as blade cost, the labor included in having to change the blade out more of less frequently, and lost profit from downtime due to higher blade changing frequencies.

Better band saw blades mean less downtime

When you have a blade that performs better, consistently, you don’t have to change it out nearly as often as a cheaper, less expensive blade. This leads to a higher amount of time that your machine is running, less time that your operators have to spend changing blades, and therefore less time spent not producing. This then equals for your bottom line, less downtime.

A better blade makes a cleaner cut

Using a bandsaw blade that is of a higher quality not only lasts longer (which reduces your downtime, and not only gives you a lower cost per cut by being able to stretch its price over a higher amount of cuts than the cheaper blades), but also gives you a cleaner, better looking, higher quality cut that your end users will prefer. This will then increase your customers’ satisfaction because they have to spend less time prepping the material for use, and more time actually doing the jobs that they need the material for.
When it all comes down to it, using better equipment for production allows you to provide a better product to your customer.
Here at Wayco, we are here to help you find the equipment you need in order to keep you and your customers happily running your best.